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Excel in the World of Data Analytics

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 Excel in the World of Data Analytics
It's not for big data, but you can use Microsoft Excel to learn a lot more about analytics than you may realize. For many office workers, Microsoft Excel is simply the go-to spreadsheet application. ... Excel now has some fairly potent tools for doing much greater data analysis than calculating a few rows.
What you'll learn
  • The structure of Excel and how to navigate through the user interface
  • Entering data and understanding the different data types which can be used
  • Mathematical operators and functions such as SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX and AVERAGE
  • How to utilise the different cell referencing present in Excel
  • Introducing conditions and constraints in formulas by using functions such as IF, OR, AND, SUMIF, COUNTIF and AVERAGEIF
  • How to work across multiple worksheets and reference them correctly in formulas
  • How to create and modify graphs
  • Applying simple and more complex filters on tables
  • Naming cells and tables and utilising them in formulas
  • How to format cells in a table based on different conditions being met
  • Applying string formulas by applying functions such as LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, UPPER, LOWER and CONCAT
  • How to make string formulae more dynamic
  • Understanding and applying formulas on the date data type
  • Carrying out look ups by utilising the VLOOKUP function as well as a combination of the INDEX-MATCH formula combination
  • How to utilise pivot tables to create meaningful reports
  • Creating pivot charts based on the pivot tables created

Join this course and you will work on building a strong skill set in Excel. We will start from the basics to develop a strong foundation, and we will then work through more complex functionalities, step-by-step.

This course will be going through topics which are used extensively in the job market, ranging from financial consulting to healthcare. Additionally, a lot of the topics in this course are actually used for interview questions for large corporations!

This course will walk you through the structure and user interface in Excel. We will then look at how to utilise a wide range of formulas which can help us analyse data sets. We will then go over at how to manipulate data and operations to create reports which show useful insights and findings. Finally, we will be visualising our results by creating graphs in Excel! This is the standard operation and process used in multiple job industries. We have tailored this course specifically to enhance your career opportunities!

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and learn about data analysis in Excel!
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