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How to analyse Qualitative data

 How to analyse Qualitative data
How to analyse Qualitative data { get udemy coupon code }

 Guidelines from a research professional
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What you'll learn
  • Analyse qualitative data!
  • Choose between different approaches to coding, and code the data
  • Understand the role of previous assumptions in the process of data analysis
  • Make models, graphs and notes to reflect on your assumptions
  • Make models, graphs and notes to push the data analysis forward
  • Understand the structure of qualitative data analysis
  • Apply a number of analytic steps to conduct within-case and cross-case analysis
  • Work towards developing a unified theory that links the data
  • Understand the purpose of coding, when coding starts and when it stops
 In this course, I will teach you how to analyse qualitative data. Too often qualitative data analysis is equated with simply coding it. As I will show you in this course, however, data analysis starts way before coding, and finishes way after the coding is done.I love analysing qualitative data and my personal aim of this course, apart from equipping you with the knowledge required to analyse your data, is to help you understand how enjoyable a process it may be. I also want you to realise that this is not like science - this is a flexible, dynamic and subjective process, and how you analyse your data will depend, above all, on your own decisions and interpretations, your aims and your research questions.
Please watch the video and scroll down to the course curriculum to learn more about the course content, and feel free to ask me questions if you are not sure whether this course is for you.

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