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Intermediate Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365

Intermediate Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365

Intermediate Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365 / get ed2go course code

Develop a fully functional database in this hands-on Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365 course. Master advanced techniques for presenting data, automating ...

Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used information management systems. In this course, you will master advanced techniques for using this powerful database program and build an entire database project from scratch.

This course will teach you advanced techniques for this powerful database program, including importing Excel spreadsheets as tables, creating query calculations to crunch numbers, and using Visual Basic to automate common tasks. From building reports to using conditional formatting, this course will teach you how to best present your data with Access 2019.

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What You Will Learn
  •     Import table data from external sources
  •     Use action queries to update table data quickly and efficiently
  •     Set table relationships to maintain data integrity
  •     Make forms easier to use
  •     Understand query joins, and common functions
  •     Build a report dialog box to dynamically run database reports based on user selected criteria
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