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Keys to Successful Money Management

Keys to Successful Money Management

Keys to Successful Money Management / get ed2go course code

4 Keys to Successful Money Management In Your 30s
  • Move Past Basic Budgeting. Most twentysomethings are on a rice-and-beans budget. ...
  • Set Some Big Goals. Next, save up an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. ...
  • Get on the Long (Long) Road to Retirement. ...
  • Ask Questions and Get Answers You Can Trust.

If you're interested in discovering how most wealthy people amassed their fortunes, this is the course for you. All it takes is organization, discipline, and a firm knowledge of how to proceed. If you're serious about accumulating a sizable nest egg and living the life of your dreams, you will have to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

In this course, a certified financial planner will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to achieve true financial success. You'll become comfortable with the broad array of investment choices available to you right now, and you'll discover the best ways to acquire and accumulate both cash and real property. You'll also learn about the tax implications of your investment decisions, along with steps you can take to protect any wealth you acquire.

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What You Will Learn
  • Learn how to choose the right stocks, bonds, and other important investments
  • Discover the proven way to gain wealth and learn the secret of financial freedom
  • Learn how to become a more discerning consumer, saver, and investor
  • Learn how to track the flow of your resources and use budgets to take ownership of your financial future

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