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Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST

 Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST
Link :  Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST / get udemy reviews
In this article, we will learn how to develop a Spring MVC web application using Spring boot 2, Thymeleaf, Hibernate 5, JPA, Maven, and MySQL database. ... We are building a simple Spring MVC web application using Thymeleaf as a view. Output: HTML page using Thymeleaf which displays
What you'll learn

  • Build a real-world industry standard full-stack spring web application with production deployment
  • How to use Spring MVC & Spring Data CRUD Repositories, Hibernate using a real database like PostgreSQL as well H2
  • Thymeleaf and how to involve Spring data with javascript
  • Production Deployment in AWS, as well as Containerizing your Spring apps using Docker
  • Property file configurations for integration testing vs. live app
  • Not waste time building 20 Twitter or Todo list app clones and build something that's actually significant and go deeper as you learn and build and industry grade app.
Spring is, by far, the most popular framework for application development in the Java ecosystem. Nothing else even comes close. Why? Because it makes software development so much easier in Java. You can build webapps, mobile apps, desktop apps, batch and big data apps and services in a record time using Spring. Spring does a lot of things right, and it's getting better and better with each release. There aren't a lot of technologies with the kind of wide reach, stability and maturity of Spring, that still move fast and innovate. That's a really tough balance to hit, and Spring has been a leader in that space for over a decade.

Today, Spring, along with Boot, is a polished, modern and highly expressive framework that makes building apps like twitter almost trivial (easily passes the twitter test). So, the popularity of the Spring ecosystem is well deserved. If you're working in Java, you're very likely doing work with Spring because 90% of all Java projects use Spring!
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