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Teradata SQL A-Z: Hands-On SQL Training

 Teradata SQL A-Z: Hands-On SQL Training  / get udemy coupon code

Learn Teradata SQL and build a career in the field of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence or Data Analysis.
 Teradata SQL A-Z: Hands-On SQL Training
What you'll learn
  •     Learn Teradata Architecture and it's components
  •     Learn the concepts of Primary,Secondary and No Primary Index in Teradata
  •     Create a Database,User and Profile in Teardata
  •     Learn Basic SQL fundamentals
  •     Learn SQL concepts like Aggregate Functions,Joins,Subquery
  •     See the difference between Rank,Dense_Rank and Row number
  •     See the difference between Cumulative Sum,Moving Average and Moving Count
  •     See the difference b/w Views and Macros in Teradata
  •     Case Statement,Coalesce Function and Partitioning in Teradata
  •     Learn the Teradata famous utilities: FASTLOAD,MULTILOAD,BTEQ and FASTEXPORT

Why Teradata Database:

Teradata is considered to be one of the most popular database management system,famous for large data warehousing applications .Also, It is capable of handling large volumes of data and is highly scalable. 

Why to Learn SQL:

SQL aka Structured Query Language is the most popular database language so it's use is everywhere whether we talk about Database,Data warehousing,Data Science or BI.Many big companies like Deloitte,Amazon,Netflix etc using this language to retrieve data from database.Important thing needs to understand that,the basic syntax of SQL  for all databases is the same, so, if you have mastered SQL on Teradata, the use of SQL on other databases would not be a problem for you.
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