Big data and Hadoop framework

 Big data and Hadoop framework
 Big data and Hadoop framework

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Data analytics, Apache spark, hive, pig, Data Science, MapReduce, Machine learning, Aws EMR, Azure Machine learning The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple

What you'll learn
  •     Understand Big data technologies, Data analytics and Hadoop framework
This course is focusing on Big data and Hadoop technologies, hands on demos, 
Section 1 - Big data 
 1.1 Big data introduction
1.2 Big data history
1.3 Big data technologies
1.4 Big data characteristics
1.5 Big data Applications
1.6 Data Lake
1.7 Data Science and Data scientist
Section 2 - Hadoop
2.1 - Hadoop introduction
2.2 - HDFS-Overview
2.3 - Hadoop Architecture
2.3a - Hadoop Architecture - assumptions and goals
2.4 - Demo-Hadoop install - sw download verify integrity
2.5 - Demo-Hadoop install - Java ssh configure
2.6 - Demo hadoop access by browser

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