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Building Machine Learning Web Apps with Python

 Link :  Building Machine Learning Web Apps with Python

Going Beyond Machine Learning Models
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Created by Jesse E. Agbe
Last updated 1/2020
 Building Machine Learning Web Apps with Python

What you'll learn
  • Building Machine Learning Models with Python
  • Build Machine Learning Web Apps
  • How to Convert ML Models into Simple and Useful Products
  • How to Use ML Models as Packages
  • Embedding ML Models into Web Apps [Flask,Streamlit,etc]
  • How to use Streamlit to build ML apps
  • How to use Flask to build web applications
  • Productionize ML Models

Course Description
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is affecting every area of our lives and society. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Facebook and many more industries are using AI and ML models in their products.
The opportunities and advantages of Machine Learning is quite numerous.
What if you could also build your own machine learning models?
What if you can build something useful from the ML model you have spend time creating and make some profit whiles helping people and changing the world?

In this wonderful course, we will be exploring the various ways of converting your machine learning models into useful web applications and products.
We will move beyond just building machine learning models into build products from our ML Models.
Products that you can give to your customers and other users to benefit from. We will be adding simple UI to our AI and ML models.
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