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Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java

 Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java

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 Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java  / get udemy course code

Learn Distributed Java Applications at Scale, Parallel Programming, Distributed Computing & Cloud Software Architecture.
What you'll learn
  • Design and build massively Parallel Java Applications and Distributed Algorithms at Scale
  • Create efficient Cloud-based Software Systems for Low Latency, Fault Tolerance, High Availability and Performance
  • Master Software Architecture designed for the modern era of Cloud Computing
  • Globally deploy Distributed Programs on the Cloud serving millions of users, billions of requests, & petabytes of data

Have you always wanted to build software that reaches millions of users and impact people's lives?

Have you been wondering how modern companies
  •     Handle massive amount of internet traffic and transactions?
  •     Securely store billions of our photos, videos and other data?
  •     Provide impeccable user experience and high performance 24/7 all around the globe?
Then you are in the perfect place!
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