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Docker Essentials for Python Developers

 Docker Essentials for Python Developers

 Docker Essentials for Python Developers / get udemy course code

Essential Docker for Python Flask Development. Learn how to effectively use Docker and Docker Compose to develop production ready applications. 4.2 (144).

What you'll learn
  •     Build and run Docker Containers with Python Apps
  •     Docker Compose for Multi-Container Apps

Docker & Containers are Foundations of modern DevOps practices. These are must-have skills of Full Stack Developers.

Containers have become a standard in Production-grade Deep Learning applications.

Every Python Developer must be fluent and comfortable in using Containers at every step of Application lifecycle.

You learn Docker and Containers quickly in this Course.

It is designed to be very practical and give you Quick Win without spending too much time.

I use Minimal Manual teaching approach: each idea, concept or skill has a dedicated Lecture. This way you are going to learn much faster.
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