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Electronic Circuits - Part2: Diode Circuits

 Electronic Circuits - Part2: Diode Circuits

 Electronic Circuits - Part2: Diode Circuits  / get udemy course code

Analysis and Design of Diode Circuits (Including MATLAB, Multisim, and real world electronics LAB)
What you'll learn
  • Review of circuit analysis techniques such as node-voltage or mesh-current analysis.
  • Review of Thevenin and Norton’s theorems.
  • Characteristics and modeling of semiconductor diodes.
  • Simulation of Diode Circuits using NI Multisim.
  • Multisim, Excel and Matlab integration.
  • More useful commands in MATLAB (Extending MATLAB commands of part1).
  • Analysis and design of practical diode circuits.
  • Laboratory experiments using real components.

The diode is a nonlinear device. The important concept of piecewise-linear modeling will be applied to the diode in most applications. The concept of small-signal and large-signal models will be introduced.

The diode is used in many important non-amplifier applications. A few of these will be considered later in this part.

Junction diodes have many applications in various electronic circuits and systems such as rectifiers, voltage regulators, varactors, clippers, limiters, photodetectors, LEDs and so on. This part of the course discusses them in detail.
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