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Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS

 Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS

Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS  / get udemy course code

Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS. Learn to code a social network platform powered by a Laravel API & built using a Vue ...
What you'll learn
  • RESTful API Development with Laravel
  • Vue JS Single Page Application Methodology
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) with PHPUnit
  • Front-End Design Using Tailwind CSS
  • Build a Complete SPA from Scratch
  • JSON:API Specification for Building APIs in JSON
  • Integrating Laravel with Vue Router
  • Submitting Requests to an API from Javascript
  • Authentication Using Laravel Passport
  • Image Uploads with Dropzone JS

Building modern applications requires a specialized toolbox of skills and tools. We are going to be using Facebook as an example to build a social network platform from scratch. We will be using modern development techniques that mimic real-world team flow along with some added tooling to help aid with that.

Why did we choose this as the sample project?

Most students that take this course will know or at least have an understanding of Facebook. Instead of spending time trying to explain what our project needs to do and what the expected functionality needs to be, we can jump straight into writing code. This helps facilitate the comprehension of the new concepts we are introducing.

What if I am not sure that I have the skills necessary?

This course is what would be considered an intermediate level course but with basic knowledge of PHP & Javascript even the most beginner will be able to acquire new skills and level up their skills. Working knowledge of Laravel & Vue will increase your chances of grasping every concept. But all and all, every lesson goes into great detail about the "why" we are doing what we are doing.
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