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Gatsby JS: Build PWA Blog With GraphQL And React + WordPress

Gatsby JS: Build PWA Blog With GraphQL And React + WordPress

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Create Gatsby JS Progressive Web App With GraphQL And React + WordPress & Add Jam Stack To Your Skills.
What you'll learn

  • How To Create Amazingly FAST Websites With Gatsby JS
  • How To Use Gatsby Starters
  • How To Use Global CSS & Module CSS in Gatsby JS
  • How To Use GraphQL
  • How To Use Layouts In Gatsby
  • How To Use Markdown Remark As A Source Of Data
  • How To Use WordPress To Source Data
  • How To SEO Optimize Your Website
  • How To Do A Lighthouse Website Audit And Improve Score
  • How To Deploy Your Website With Netlify
  • Howe To Do Continuous Deployment With GitHub + Netlify
  • How To Use Webhooks With Netlify, WordPress And GitHub


Gatsby JS is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast static site generator which can create websites and apps.

But what does this even mean?

Well... it combines together the best parts of React, Webpack, React-router, GraphQL, and other front-end tools in to one and creates an amazing tool enjoyable for developers!

With Gatsby JS you can use modern web tech without the headache. Everything will be setup and will be waiting for you to start building.

One of the best things about Gatsby is that you can bring your own data from headless CMS, APIs, Databases or the file system.

There is no limit there.

You can source data even from WordPress

And this makes it very easy for clients to interact with the website that you have built for them and add new content.

They just need to update their posts on WordPress and that's it...

Also with Gatsby you will NOT build a website with last decade’s tech.

The future of the web is mobile, JavaScript and APIs—the JAMstack.
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