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Git & GitHub Class: An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners

 Git & GitHub Class: An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners
 Git & GitHub Class: An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners

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An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners (Tutorial) Step 0: Install git and create a GitHub account. Step 1: Create a local git repository. Step 2: Add a new file to the repo. Step 3: Add a file to the staging environment. Step 4: Create a commit. Step 5: Create a new branch. Step 6: Create a new repository on GitHub
What you'll learn
  • Manage project defects or enhancement requests with GitHub Issues.
  • Review and Accept Pull Requests from Others.
  • Perform many of the same local Git operations directly on GitHub.
  • Mark special events with Tags and Releases.
  • Create branches and resolve conflicts with confidence.
  • Manage files inside and outside the control of Git and GitHub.
  • Step through the entire Git workflow.
  • Group related repositories together with GitHub Organizations.
  • Share code with Gists.
  • Join other GitHub projects by Forking and contribute back using Pull Requests.
  • Even a bit of time travel within Git repositories and on GitHub.
  • Save work in progress with Stashes.
  • Create and manage repositories on GitHub.
  • Compare the different states in Git.
  • Learn the key concepts of the Git source control system.

This course will comprehensively cover the GitHub hosting service as a companion to the Git source control tool, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required. Students will emerge at the end with a very solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git and GitHub.

Course Organization

The course is divided into four major components:
  • Introduction and Setup
  • Learning Git Source Control
  • All About GitHub
Each one of the above components spans multiple sections in this course.


The Introduction provides a welcome to the course including some useful tips for getting the most out of taking the course and how the course is designed. That is followed by the Core Concepts which go over some critical theory before diving straight into Git.

After the introduction and core concepts, the first thing we do is a Quick Installation for both Windows and Mac. The Bonus section has a more comprehensive, step-by-step process for those that prefer it.
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