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Google Apps Script Advanced YouTube Video API

Google Apps Script Advanced YouTube Video API
Google Apps Script Advanced YouTube Video API

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Explore how you can build a web app that searches YouTube and returns video data using Google Apps Script.
What you'll learn

  • How to apply Google Apps Script
  • Write JavaScript code to create a web app
  • How to apply Google Apps Script in Projects
  • Explore how to use Google Apps Script - Classes and Methods to power up GSuite


Course covers applying Google Apps Script to create an application from scratch

Search YouTube - return the results and output the results into a web app page, or track the results into a spreadsheet.

Source code is included and it is suggested to try the code for yourself.

This is a starter project which you can extend upon and make more advanced functionality

Course covers

  • Adding YouTube service to Google Apps Script project
  • Using youTube Service in Google apps Script code
  • Searching YouTube and returning the results into JSON data
  • Using results within code to output content
  • Setting up a webapp with Google Apps Script
  • Sending data from client side to server side with Google Script
  • Using JavaScript to create elements and add event listeners to webpage
  • Writing content to a Google Spreadsheet

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of experience ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script

You have nothing to lose - see what amazing things you can build with Google Apps Script.

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