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Hadoop 3 Big Data Processing Hands On [Intermediate Level]

 Hadoop 3 Big Data Processing Hands On [Intermediate Level]
 Hadoop 3 Big Data Processing Hands On [Intermediate Level]

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Learn Hadoop 3, Hadoop 3 Features,Hadoop 3.0 Setup,Hadoop 3x Cluster,Setup Virtual Machine,Linux,Hadoop Schedule You will also delve into Spark and its related tools to perform real-time data analytics, streaming, and batch processing on your applications.

What you'll learn
  •     A Short Crispy Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop
  •     Why we need Apache Hadoop 3.0?
  •     Features of Hadoop 3.0
  •     Setting up Virtual Machine
  •     Linux Fundamentals
  •     Linux Users and File Permissions
  •     Packages Installation for Hadoop 3x
  •     Networking and SSH connection
  •     Multi-node Hadoop 3.0 Installation/Configuration
  •     EC Architecture Extensions
  •     Setting up Hadoop 3x Cluster
  •     Cloning Machines and Changing IP
  •     Formatting Cluster and Start Services
  •     Start and Stop Cluster
  •     Hadoop Administrative / Cluster Test
  •     HDFS Commands
  •     Erasure Coding Commands
  •     Running a YARN application
  •     Cloning a machine for Commissioning
  •     Commissioning a node
  •     Decommissioning a node
  •     Installing Hive on Hadoop
  •     Working with Hive
  •     Types of Hadoop Schedulers
  •     Typical Hadoop Production Environment

                                                     *** THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS ***

If you are a Big Data Enthusistic then you must know about Hadoop. In this course, we will discuss every corner of Hadoop 3.0

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an Opensource Component which is a part of the Apache foundation, it is a Java-Based framework for data storage and processing of Large Datasets in a distributed environment using commodity hardware.
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