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JavaScript: ECMAScript 6 y todos sus detalles

JavaScript: ECMAScript 6 y todos sus detalles
JavaScript: ECMAScript 6 y todos sus detalles

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Continua tu evolución en JavaScript al estándar ES6 y aprende todo lo que esta nueva entrega tiene para ti.
What you'll learn

  • Comprender y aplicar las nuevas funciones que tiene ECMAScript 6
  • Tener una base sólida para entrar en nuevos Frameworks basados en JavaScript
  • Entender el significado del por qué pasan las cosas en JavaScript
  • Tener un conocimiento avanzado de JavaScript


Are you looking for a course to teach you from the basics to the details of ECMAScript 6?

You are in the right place then, this course aims to hold your hand from your knowledge of ES5 (The standard of JavaScript) and take you to the next level , explaining you not only how to do things in SS6, but show rodeos that They made to solve problems in earlier versions of JavaScript.

This course will help you understand much of what happens in new frameworks that are taking much popularity and strength as React and Angle 2 , without you serve for everything that is based on JavaScript ( typescript, Babel, Node, ionic ... )

This course also aims, be your audio visual hand for when you need to refresh your memory on SS6, with examples, videos and exams.

Take your time watching the videos that are enabled for free , here learn writing code and not making "Copy and Paste" , all code is written and your own will.

To take this course, you must have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, you need to know which are the objects, arrays, variables, functions and basic cycles. But if you're looking to learn JavaScript from scratch, this is not the course you want, but I would recommend you take an introductory JavaScript before.

JavaScript has improved considerably, and it is no time to stay with what we know, technology is advancing rapidly and we must take advantage of everything new that will help us become better developers!

Without further ado, are welcome to this course "ECMAScript 6: Advance your knowledge of JS to level 6"
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