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Microsoft Project 2019: From Beginner to Expert

 Microsoft Project 2019: From Beginner to Expert

 Microsoft Project 2019: From Beginner to Expert  / get udemy coupon code

In this two-course bundle we take you on a journey from MS Project 2019 novice to complete Project master. Whether your project is big or small, business or personal, there are so many many ways that Microsoft Project can ensure project success. Harness the power of MS Project 2019 and become a project master.
What you'll learn
  •  How to use Microsoft Project

This is a complete course starting from an introduction and overview of the tool.

The rest of the course covers the following topics:
  • How to setup a project, listing phases and tasks
  • How to do project planning with Gantt chart, defining and linking tasks, define durations and constraints
  • How to define and allocate resources to a project
  • Task types, task constraints and resource levelling
  • How to define project calendars for projects, phases, tasks and resources
  • How to update and track projects
  • How to do project reporting
Everything eill be summarized in some examples/case studies outlined and explained at the final part of the course
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