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Microsoft Project - The Complete Project Lifecycle

 Microsoft Project - The Complete Project Lifecycle

 Microsoft Project - The Complete Project Lifecycle  / get udemy course code

Using Microsoft Project 2019 or 2016 within the Complete Project Life Cycle.
What you'll learn
  • Develop realistic and impressive project plans using Microsoft Project
  • Use Microsoft Project to define major projects
  • Understand how to define and allocate people, material and cost resources using Microsoft Project
  • Place the use of Microsoft Project within the concept of a Project Life Cycle
  • Demonstrate your professional ability to use Microsoft Project effectively
  • Understand how to create Work Breakdown Structures
  • Be familiar with the use of WBS Schedule Pro for the production of professional Work Breakdown Structure diagrams
  • Know how to create baselines for project plans
  • Be able to use Microsoft Project to record ongoing project information to compare progress against set baselines
  • Track Project Progress Effectively
  • Produce professional project reports
  • Manage multiple projects using consolidated Master Plans

Learn how to use Microsoft Project to create, manage and control complex project plans. This course will teach you the essential skills required to use to define, produce and manage professional project plans using Microsoft Project. No prior knowledge is required.

Build Professional Skills in the use of Microsoft Project for all Phases of the Project Lifecycle
  •     Work Breakdown Structure Diagrams
  •     Professional Project Plans
  •     Phases, Sub Phases and Tasks
  •     Resource Create and Allocation
  •     Creating and Managing Baselines
  •     Understand what you need to measure
  •     Tracking Progress
  •     Recording Actuals
  •     Variance Analysis
  •     What If Analysis
  •     Resource Usage and Management
  •     Using Team Planner
  •     Creating Dashboard Reports for Project Stakeholders
  •     Consolidated and Master Plans
  •     How to Create Custom Views of Project Information
  •     Visual Reports

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