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Unity Game Development Master Class

 Unity Game Development Master Class

 Unity Game Development Master Class  / get udemy course code

This course teaches the core skills for Game Development in Unity 3D. Once you've completed this course you can take your skills even further with our ...

What you'll learn
  • Get to know Unity's ecosystem, from downloading the Unity Hub and Unity Engine to exploring unique features and resources to help guide new users
  • Learn many C# concepts, like method structures, loops, variables, "if" statements, and arrays
  • Get a full grasp the console panel and use problem solving techniques to get comfortable with alerts and errors
  • Create player and enemy interactions like hit count and detection radius, as well as player movement and start positioning
  • Create collectibles with the ProBuilder and learn the programming needed to equip that object to your player
  • Get to know the physics system by setting up collisions and ridgidbody for objects
  • Get to know Unity's Cinemachine and learn many elements to working with the camera system from using minimaps to camera follow triggers and more
  • learn how to use the terrain system within the 3D Game Kit and with Unity's Terrain Toolbox
  • Learn how to program keyboard inputs to control an object's movement and rotation
  • get started with the progressive lightmapper and lighting post processing
  • Learn basic script anatomy to build and understand syntax and method structures
  • Learn how to create a Prefab and create your own instance painter

Welcome to the latest installment of the Unity Master Class, brought to you by the experienced team here at the School of Game Design.

The Unity game engine has revolutionized the game industry making it possible for anyone to develop and publish amazing games, applications, and websites.

This Master Class on Unity covers everything from the absolute basics of the engine, to advanced techniques in level design, character animations, physics, and programing. Making this the perfect course for both new and advanced game developers!

Let’s have a look at the tons of exciting topics you will master by the time you are done with this course.
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