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ASP .NET Core, building REST APIs

Link : ASP .NET Core, building REST APIs
ASP .NET Core, building REST APIs
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Build full web app with .NET Core and Entity Framework.NEW
by Jakub Kozera

What you'll learn

  • create an application that according to the REST architecture will: read, create, modify or delete data from the server
  • send database queries from code using ORM (Entity Framework Core)
  • create an MS SQL database based on classes in C #
  • validate incoming models and return appropriate messages in case of incorrectness
  • use the auto-mapper
  • use the built-in container to inject dependencies
  • log errors or specific information to a text file
  • create documentation (using the Swagger tool)
  • configure NLogger
  • use the Postman to consume the web API

The .NET Core platform is the latest tool from Microsoft enabling the creation of cross-platform applications, including web and web APIs.

 Due to its high performance, open source code and the possibility of implementation on various systems, it is becoming more and more popular.

The course presents how using ASP.NET Core a web API application is created, which ultimately can be consumed by SPA (single page application), mobile applications, IoT applications or any application where communication takes place via the HTTP protocol. First of all, the course will show you how to build applications in accordance with the REST architecture. Good practices will be discussed, such as: dependency injection, auto-mapping, error logging, model validation, use of object-relational mapping.

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