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Computer Security: A Hands-on Approach

Link :  Computer Security: A Hands-on Approach
 Computer Security: A Hands-on Approach
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Format String attack (Chapter 6) Race Condition attack (Chapter 7) Dirty COW attack (Chapter 8) Reverse Shell (Chapter 9) Web Security: Vulnerabilities and Access Control Basics of Web Security HTML, HTML5, HTTP, HTTPS, JavaScript, Apache, PHP. Session ID, Cookies, DOM objects Same Origin Policy (SOP) Vulnerabilities and Attacks

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 by Wenliang Du

What you'll learn
  • How to exploit software vulnerabilities, and launch attacks
  • How to defend against various attacks and how to write secure code
  • Practical skills in cybersecurity
  • The fundamental problems of various software vulnerabilities

This course focuses on a variety of attacks on computer systems. Some of them are classical attacks, and some are quite new, such as the recently discovered Dirty COW, Meltdown, and Spectre attacks. The course emphasizes hands-on learning. For each attack covered, students not only learn how the attack work in theory, they also learn how to actually conduct the attack, in a contained virtual machine environment. The hands-on exercises developed by the instructor are called SEED labs, and they are being used by over 1000 institutes worldwide. The course is based on the textbook written by the instructor. The book, titled "Computer & Internet Security: A Hands-on Approach, 2nd Edition", has been adopted by over 120 universities and colleges worldwide.

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