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MATLAB for Beginners

Link : MATLAB for Beginners 
MATLAB for Beginners
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 A beautiful short course in MATLAB
What you'll learn
  • Solution of linear and non linear equations by coding in MATLAB
  • Matrices operations in MATLAB
  • Solving Polynomials by Using MATLAB
  • Solving and plotting trigonometric functions by coding in MATLAB
  • MATLAB coding of logarithmic and exponential functions
  • MATLAB coding for 3D curves
  • And all fundamental concepts of calculus

MATLAB 2020b Interface Masterclass

In this short course, students will get familiar with the basic features of calculus and trigonometry by coding in MATLAB. They will also learn 3D coding and some pre-calculus concepts. The explanations have been first made on slides and then the same code has been experimented on MATLAB software. This is short course in MATLAB and I have try my best to make this course useful for the students. They will learn a lot from this course. It is not like I have waste a time without any reason anywhere in the course. All the necessary explanations have been done in this course. I have try to explain the more and more concepts in this 3 hours course.   

Link :  Practical Introduction to Fuzzy Logic with Matlab
 Practical Introduction to Fuzzy Logic with Matlab
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Learn Fuzzy Logic Control & Design with Matlab Program & Simulate Real World Projects that are amazing on your portfolio
by Hossein Tootoonchy

Link :  MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1
MATLAB for Engineering Students Part 1
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Learn the MATLAB basics you need. Matrices, plotting, logicals, looping, functions & more are covered with many examples
by Cherish Qualls, PhD

Link :  MATLAB and Simulink for Science and Engineering Computations
MATLAB and Simulink for Science and Engineering Computations
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Learn to use MATLAB and Simulink for Simulation and other science and engineering computations. Make Life easier.
by Anthony Nwachukwu

Link :  College Level Advanced Linear Algebra! Theory & Programming!
College Level Advanced Linear Algebra! Theory & Programming!
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Linear Algebra (matlab - python) & Matrix Calculus For Machine Learning, Robotics, Computer Graphics, Control, & more !
by Ahmed Fathy Hagar

What you'll learn
  • Gain Deep Understanding Of Linear Algebra Theoretically, Conceptually & Practically.
  • Obtain A Very Robust Mathematical Foundation For Machine & Deep Learning, Computer Graphics, And Control Systems.
  • Learn How To Use Both Python And Matlab For Solving & Visualizing Linear Algebra Problems.
  • [Matrix Calculus] Learn How To Differentiate & Optimize Complex Equations Involving Matrices.
From Matrix Calculus, To Robotics! From Control Systems, To Computer Graphics! From the Singular Value Decompositions to the Principal Component Analysis. From Systems Of Linear Equations, To Systems Of Differential Equations. From Inverses, to Pseudo Inverses. From Determinants, to positive definiteness. From Concepts To Programming. From Matlab To Python. From Proofs to Visualizations & From Theory to Applications. From Solved Examples To thoughtful Exams, and From Many Other Things to Many other things,
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