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Performance Testing from A to Z

Link :  Performance Testing from A to Z
 Performance Testing from A to Z
Books are the ocean of wisdom. To continue this thought, some of the best books related to performance testing have been listed below. You can grab the knowledge from these books either by buying them or you can also read them as an e-book.
by Alexandru Stoenescu

What you'll learn
  •     Performance Testing
  •     Performance Requirements
  •     Performance KPIs
  •     Performance Scripting Best Practices
  •     Performance Data Analysis
  •     Performance Engineering
  •     Performance Troubleshooting
  •     Performance Best Practices
  •     Performance Testing in Agile
  •     Performance in SCRUM

In this course you will learn everything you need to know for implementing Performance Testing and Performance Engineering in your company and starting a career in performance testing.

After this course you will be an expert in performance testing ready to gather experience on the field.

You will have access to a Performance Governance Model that can be used as is in your company.

You will learn best practices gathered from experienced experts.

You will have access to guidelines that will ease your day to day work and maximize the performance outcomes.
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