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Spark Starter Kit

Link : Spark Starter Kit 
Spark Starter Kit
Udemy course park in depth
 NOT another "What is Spark?" course ! Explore Spark in depth and get a strong foundation in Spark.
Free tutorial

 What you'll learn
  • Learn about the similarities and differences between Spark and Hadoop.
  • Explore the challenges Spark tries to address, you will give you a good idea about the need for spark.
  • Learn “How Spark is faster than Hadoop?”, you will understand the reasons behind Spark’s performance and efficiency.
  • Before we talk about what is RDD, we explain in detail what is the need for something like RDD.

When our students asked us to create a course on Spark, we looked at other Spark related courses in the market and also what are some of the common questions students are asking in websites like stackoverflow and other forums when they try to learn Spark and we saw a recurring theme.

Most courses and other online help including Spark's documentation is not good in helping students understand the foundational concepts. They explain what is Spark, what is RDD, what is "this" and what is "that" but students were most interested in understanding core fundamentals and more importantly answer questions like -

Link :  Apache Spark 3 & Big Data Essentials w/ Scala | Rock the JVM
Apache Spark 3 & Big Data Essentials w/ Scala | Rock the JVM
Udemy course Big Data Essentials
Updated for 3.0: Learn practical Big Data with Scala & Apache Spark, with Spark DataFrames, Datasets, RDDs and Spark SQL
Highest Rated

Link : Master Big Data: Hadoop & Spark (CCA 175 with Practice test)
Master Big Data: Hadoop & Spark (CCA 175 with Practice test)
Udemy course Spark (CCA 175
Become Big Data expert with Sqoop,Hive,flume and Spark.Best to prepare for CCA175 exam with hands on & practice tests

Link :  Apache Spark with Java - Hands On!
Apache Spark with Java - Hands On!
Udemy course Spark with Java
Learn how to slice and dice data using the next generation big data platform - Apache Spark!

Link :  Apache Spark for Java Developers
 Apache Spark for Java Developers
Udemy course Java Developers
Get processing Big Data using RDDs, DataFrames, SparkSQL and Machine Learning - and real time streaming with Kafka! 

What you'll learn

  • Use functional style Java to define complex data processing jobs
  • Learn the differences between the RDD and DataFrame APIs
  • Use an SQL style syntax to produce reports against Big Data sets
  • Use Machine Learning Algorithms with Big Data and SparkML
  • Connect Spark to Apache Kafka to process Streams of Big Data
  • See how Structured Streaming can be used to build pipelines with Kafka

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