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Statistics / Data Analysis in SPSS: Inferential Statistics

Link : Statistics / Data Analysis in SPSS: Inferential Statistics 
Statistics / Data Analysis in SPSS: Inferential Statistics
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Employers can't leave to chance their efforts to find the people they'll need for data ... Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts are among the most sought-after ... Data science and analytics skills most wanted in these states ... and they all require an ability to link analytics to creating value for the organization.
by Quantitative Specialists
What you'll learn
  • In this course, you will gain proficiency in how to analyze a number of statistical procedures in SPSS.
  • You will learn how to interpret the output of a number of different statistical tests
  • Learn how to write the results of statistical analyses using APA format

November, 2019.

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Get marketable and highly sought after skills in this course that will substantially increase your knowledge of data analytics, with a focus in the area of significance testing, an important tool for A/B testing and product assessment.

Many tests covered, including three different t tests, two ANOVAs, post hoc tests, chi-square tests (great for A/B testing), correlation, and regression. Database management also covered!

Two in-depth examples provided of each test for additional practice.

This course is great for professionals, as it provides step by step instruction of tests with clear and accurate explanations. Get ahead of the competition and make these tests important parts of your data analytic toolkit!
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