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Ultimate Guide to Mastering Linux Command Line

Link : Ultimate Guide to Mastering Linux Command Line 
Ultimate Guide to Mastering Linux Command Line
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In this Linux shell scripting course you will learn how to: Name your shell scripts. Use the proper permissions on your shell scripts. Create and use variables in your scripts. Use shell built-in commands and operating system commands. Make the most out of special variables that are available to you in your scripts.
 by Johney Aazad

What you'll learn
  • File system handling deep dive - do just about everything you can with files and directories.
  • The right way to work with Bash Variables Numbers, Strings and Arrays
  • In depth knowledge of Conditional Execution, the key to exeecuting complex operations by combining multiple shell commands.
  • Introduction to the mother of all editors - VI
  • Text manipulation power tools - SED, TR, AWK, GREP, REGEX
  • Construsts - if - elif - else - fi and Case
  • Loops - For While Until

The Linux Kernel, the brains of a Linux machine is by far the most powerful operating system ever created. When we talk about Linux Command line, most people just talk about BASH, which is just one of the more than 5 shells that we can use with Linux. And apart from Bash Built-ins and Bash Commands we get access to several command line tools of which I have covered the first more frequently used half. In this training I have tried to give everyone a sense of why, where and How to use these tools by navigating one task after the other and the tools that are used and their options to solve a problem. In my opinion learning to write "ls -l" to get the listing of the files is a necessary skill to have, but the must have skill would be to effectively use the multitude of things you can do by combining that 1 command with several others.
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