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js. Vue is built using JavaScript and generates HTML user interfaces. Having a solid grasp of JavaScript and the JS browser API is very beneficial before learning Vue. In addition, every UI needs to be styled, so understanding CSS is also essential.New
by Guillaume Duhan

What you'll learn

  • Build an entire Vue application by yourself
  • Learn Vuejs
  • Learn Vue-Router to manage navigation
  • Learn Vue-x to store your data
  • Learn how to configure and use Firebase
  • Learn how to design with Bootstrap
  • Plug your Vue application to Firebase
  • Deploy your application on Heroku

Start to learn Vue, Vue-Router & Vuex now ! Why? Because Vue.js is the most efficient Javascript framework on market. Easy to learn, fast to understand, strong for any project, it's the favorite framework of many start-ups.
As a front-end developer specialized in Vue.js, I've created more than 200+ applications with this framework the last 4 years and I am ready to teach the essentials to know to master this amazing framework.
You are going to learn how to create an entire application by doing exercises, building by yourself an app step-by-step and finally deploy it on a server. Start now to learn Vue.js and make your first Vue app alive !
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