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Akka Streams with Scala | Rock the JVM

Akka Streams with Scala | Rock the JVM
Akka Streams with Scala | Rock the JVM
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This course is for established programmers with experience with Scala and Akka at the level of the Rock the JVM courses. I already assume a solid understanding of general programming fundamentals.BESTSELLER
by Daniel Ciocîrlan

What you'll learn

  • Learn advanced Akka with asynchronous streams
  • Understand backpressure and the principles of Reactive Streams
  • Adopt a new mental model with Materialization
  • Construct large-scale streams with the Akka Streams Graph DSL
  • Control Akka Streams logic with Graph Stages
  • Internalize the best practices

In this course, we will learn how to write reactive distributed applications using the powerful Akka Streams. You'll write 2000+ lines of Akka code yourself, with guidance, and you will become a rockstar.

This course is for Scala/Akka programmers who need to design large-scale reactive asynchronous systems.

You probably know Akka already:

  • it speeds up the development of concurrent applications by as much as 10x
  • its demand has exploded
  • it's a highly marketable skill
  • it's incredibly fun - power in your hands!

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