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Analytics & Data Science for managers & humanitarians

Analytics & Data Science for managers & humanitarians
Analytics & Data Science for managers & humanitarians
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The Centre focuses on four areas: data services, data responsibility, data literacy, and predictive analytics. The data services workstream focuses the management ...NEW
by Nikita Sergeev

What you'll learn

  • The main fundamentals of Statistics that need to know for practical issues solutions
  • Calculate sample size
  • Simple find hidden regularities (patterns) in data
  • Analyze big data files
  • Understand importance to combine intuition with data analysis
  • Step-by-step use most popular data science methods for humanitarian with your own hands
  • Modern statistical methods in practice and real-life data of business-cases (from descriptive statistics and compare samples - to linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis.
  • ***OFFICIAL*** simple reliable statistical data analysis tool PSPP (replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it)


  • For english-speaking students from russian-speaking scientist: the author of Russian best-seller "ANALYTICS AND DATA SCIENCE: for non-analysts and 100% humanitarians..." (is sold in largest online stores: AMAZON, OZON, LitRes, RIDERO...russian edition only)
  • The Instructor is practioner with over 20 years of experience using data science and analytics to drive meaningful improvements and strategic business decisions. Also he is one of Udmy’s top Russian instructor in category "Business" and the master of statistical tools (from Excel and  SPSS to programming language R). He is creator of MBA program and number of trainings for top and senior management of international corporations.
  • The course very gradually (step-by-step, from simple to complex) plunges non-technical sciences professionals  (management, business, marketing, humanitarians, linguists, psychologists, sociologists, cultural scientists, economists, politologists, forensics, etc.) into an exciting digital world of statistics and probabilities - and will help to easily navigate, use and not be afraid of it
  • The course will also be suitable for professional engineering and technical disciplines who have not studied data analysis, but want to understand it - without terrible formulas and cumbersome calculations
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