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Applied Physics for Data Science and Machine Learning

Applied Physics for Data Science and Machine Learning
Applied Physics for Data Science and Machine Learning
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by AD Chauhdry (AD Maths Plus Academy)

What you'll learn

  • Chapter # 1 - Properties of Matter
  • Chapter # 2 - Flowing Fluids
  • Chapter # 3 - Heat and Thermodynamic
  • Chapter # 4 - Optics and Light
  • Chapter # 5 - Electricity and Magnetism

This course is for data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, engineering and computer science students. The course is very unique and rarely found on any online platform, while it has high demand due to its application in above subtitle of the course. This course is being taught as an optional and compulsory subject in different universities.

The course contains high definition videos contents and the length of the course is 7 hours with more than 5 sections. The course has been designed on power point slides.

You will learn all basics and advance concepts of applied physics. The course material is highly constructed under the supervision of instructor. You shall start from basics and end up with a high level of applied physics. One thing which is good for the students that, there is no mathematics used in this course and the course is totally theoretical rather than mathematical.
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