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Applied Unsupervised learning with Python (Bitcoin trading)

 Applied Unsupervised learning with Python (Bitcoin trading)
Applied Unsupervised learning with Python (Bitcoin trading)
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Learn how to use Unsupervised Machine Learning to develop a profitable bitcoin trading strategy.
by The Trading Whisperer

What you'll learn
  • How to use technical analysis and unsupervised learning to develop a profitable strategy for Bitcoin
  • Backtest a trading strategy with Python
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Trading
  • Matplolib, Pandas

Finally, a course that will teach how to develop profitable trading strategies for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin). This course is a way to share with you some of my profitable trading ideas, that you can always take forward, modify as you please and even increase its profitability.

There are many courses out there that teach the use of R or Python for finance even trading, but only on that theory and the strategy they show are not of good value to people looking to find profitable actionable trading ideas/strategies. I want to reverse that trend by teaching and sharing with you my profitable trading ideas which I have developed after many years of investigation, research and putting real funds on the line. These strategies make use of data analytics and machine learning.

In this course, we are to develop the BTC-ema trading strategy using Python. We will combine technical analysis and machine learning to develop a reliable trading strategy for trading bitcoin on the daily chart.

This course aims at being focus on the development of the trading strategy and will go in-depth with coding along lectures, where the student has the ability to follow and develop the strategy himself instead of copying and pasting the codes from a document. Nevertheless the codes will be made available on files for downloading purposes.
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