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Automate your Chrome browser with Selenium (scraping)

Automate your Chrome browser with Selenium (scraping)
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Install Java and Eclipse, download Selenium and ChromeDriver. Create the project in Eclipse, add Selenium and ChromeDriver. Real scraping can begin: load a page and retrieve information, trigger a click on an element, navigate through several tabs and save its results in a file. See you soonNEW
by Alexandre et Maxime DUTRES

What you'll learn

  • Automate your Chrome browser
  • Retrieve information from a web page
  • Repeat tasks automatically
  • Trigger clicks, open links
  • Automatically navigate through different tabs
  • Scrap and save the results to a file
  • Use Selenium and ChromeDriver in an Eclipse project

DISCLAIMER : I'm French and my english is not perfect, if this is a problem for you please do not buy this course :)

Welcome to the course that will teach you how to automate your Chrome browser.

The objective of this course is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out your Chrome automation and scraping project. This is why the course is comprehensive and addresses all the issues that you may encounter:

Retrieving information from a web page.

  • Automatic repetition of tasks.
  • Triggering clicks and opening links.
  • Automatically navigate through different tabs.
  • Use Selenium and ChromeDriver in an Eclipse project.
  • And much more !

The entire project of the example automation will be made available to you.
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