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AWS DeepLens

 AWS DeepLens
new udemy course  AWS DeepLens
AWS DeepLens helps put machine learning in the hands of developers, literally, with a fully programmable video camera, tutorials, code, and pre-trained models designed to expand deep learning skills.
 by Hal Rose

What you'll learn
  • Introduction to the AWS DeepLens device and associated AWS services
  • Brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Interest in learning about Machine Learning

After completing this course, you will be able to discuss A I and Machine Learning with other developers. I’ll be referring you to available training material which is available when you are ready to dig deeper.  We’ll look at the 2019 version of Deep Lens and its amazing structure. We’ll go through the unboxing of the device from Amazon and you will be able to quickly register and deploy one of the sample projects in just a few hours.

After we have gone through some of the sample projects we’ll discuss, and you will understand some of the related Amazon Web Services that are available to be used with DeepLens. There are free tiers to these services, and you will be able to set up your account and understand how to monitor AWS charges before you incur any.

This is a beginning class which open the road to developing more complex capabilities using DeepLens and Machine Learning
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