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Computer vision: OpenCV Fundamentals using Python

Computer vision: OpenCV Fundamentals using Python
new course coupon udemy Computer vision: OpenCV Fundamentals using Python
Start your Deep Learning Computer Vision Endeavor with Strong OpenCV Basics in Python
by Abhilash Nelson

What you'll learn
OpenCV Image Manipulation Fundamentals using Python. Also includes a Python basics refresher session.

Hi There!

Welcome to my new course OpenCV Fundamentals using Python. This is the first course from my Computer Vision series.

Lets see what are the interesting topics included in this course. At first we will have an overview about computer vision and the amazing OpenCV, the open-source computer vision library.

After that, we are ready to proceed with preparing our computer for installing OpenCV and later will proceed with installing OpenCV itself. Then we will try a one liner code to check if everything is working fine.

When I said this course is for complete beginners, I really mean it. Because even-if you are coming from a non-python background, the next few sessions and examples will help you get the basic python programming skill to proceed with the rest of the sessions. The topics include Python assignment, flow-control, functions and data structures.

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