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Data Manipulation in Python: A Pandas Crash Course

Data Manipulation in Python: A Pandas Crash Course
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Data Analysis with Pandas and Python. Analyze data quickly and ... Python Crash Course, Part 1 - Data Types and Variables. Python Crash Course, Part 2 - ...BESTSELLER
by Samuel Hinton, Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, SuperDataScience Team

What you'll learn

  • Visualise data using methods from histograms to dimensionality reduction.
  • Create, save and serialise data frames in and out of multiple formats.
  • Clean and format data easily.
  • Detect and intelligently fill missing values.
  • Group, aggregate and summarise your data.
  • Merge data sources into a beautiful whole.
  • Pivot and cross-tabulate data like a pro.
  • Intersplice, summarise and investigate time series data.
  • Seamlessly work with data from different time zones.
  • Learn the common pitfalls and traps that ensnare beginners and how to avoid them.

In the real-world, data is anything but clean, which is why Python libraries like Pandas are so valuable.

If data manipulation is setting your data analysis workflow behind then this course is the key to taking your power back.

Own your data, don’t let your data own you!

When data manipulation and preparation accounts for up to 80% of your work as a data scientist, learning data munging techniques that take raw data to a final product for analysis as efficiently as possible is essential for success.

Data analysis with Python library Pandas makes it easier for you to achieve better results, increase your productivity, spend more time problem-solving and less time data-wrangling, and communicate your insights more effectively.
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