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Front-End Developer 2019 Career Course

Front-End Developer 2019 Career Course
Front-End Developer 2019 Career Course
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The most complete Front-End Developer course for 2019. This course covers the Latest front-end technologies to turn you into a professional developer and be ready for the current tech market in 2019.
by Victor Bastos

What you'll learn

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript 6
  • SSH/Linux Terminal
  • Git and Github
  • Create All Types of Websites using Wordpress and Templates
  • Create and Deploy Websites/Apps/Projects to a Web Hosting Server
  • Learn the Best Front-End Frameworks and Tools for 2019
  • How to Make Money (fast) as a Front-End Developer in 2019
  • How to get a Job (fast) as a Professional Front-End Developer in 2019

Welcome to the Front-End Developer 2019 Course! This course covers everything you need to become a front-end developer and how to monetize those skills as a developer. There are a lot of courses out there covering freelancing and how to build web sites, but unlike other never-ending boring courses this course goes straight to the point and will teach you everything that is essential to become a front-end developer in just a few days and how you can make money selling top quality websites to clients in the most effective way on the current freelancing market.
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