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HTML5: From Beginning to Advanced !

HTML5: From Beginning to Advanced !
HTML5: From Beginning to Advanced !
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Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 The main theme of this “Beginning HTML5 and CSS3” book is introduced and real time used of new HTML and CSS elements. It is focus on making device comfortable website for beginner as well as advance level.
by Devansh Varshney

What you'll learn

  • After this course you will everything about HTML5.
  • Your journey towards becoming a web developer become much easier.

This course will taught you form the basics of HTML5 to make you a VETERAN. We start with understanding the very basic structure of the HTML document and eventually learn all the concepts of HTML. We learn only by doing so here I perform all the practical demonstration and gave you as many as possible exercises so you can learn much more from it.

I am here following the pattern of 10:90.

10% is from my side but that is enough to help you complete the rest 90% of the rest and this is the only way you can learn.

  1. We start with the basic of HTML5 Document Structure.
  2. Then see what HTML5 Elements and Attributes are in Depth.
  3. In the third section we see what HTML5 Headings are.
  4. Then we apply STYLE to HTML and see what PARAGRAPHS are in depth.
  5. Then we understand Formatting in HTML5 and also learn Quotes.
  6. We then learn completely the COLORS in HTML5 how to apply them.
  7. How to use Images, apply anchor tags on it and to use them effectively.
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