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Learning PL SQL - Beginner to Advanced - The Example Way

Learning PL SQL - Beginner to Advanced - The Example Way / udemy couponed 12 ,com discount
Learning PL SQL - Beginner to Advanced - The Example Way

Complete guide from beginner to PL SQL genius - Unique industry standard examples - Rapid PL/SQL interview preparation
by Prashant Munshi

What you'll learn

  • Oracle PL SQL Programming
  • Block Structure of PL SQL
  • Exception handling / different types of exceptions
  • Special PL SQL Anchored and Record Datatypes
  • Concept and types of PL SQL Cursors
  • Writing Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger, Object Types
  • Object Oriented Programming in PL SQL
  • PL/SQL Collections - Nested Tables and Varrays

***The most comprehensive PL/SQL course to make you a genius***

***Continuously new lectures/revisions to be added every week to keep pace with ever demanding industry***


***Added lecture PL/SQL Object Table & Row Object *** Section - Object Oriented PLSQL (09 Jan 2020)


After a successful study in SQL, now you need to know the PL/SQL thoroughly to make make you a genuine back end programmer. Even if you are an acclaimed front-end programmer, with the study of SQL coupled with PL/SQL through this course you will become virtually invincible in the field as database analyst/programmer, DBA and trainer.

If you have already wasted your time and money in hunting for a complete yet concise course in PL/SQL through random youtube videos mostly offered by inexperienced people and not certified for their authenticity and quality - then you are at the right place here. This course brings step-by-step lessons in its logical series of videos to help you master the programming in PL/SQL. Moreover this same channel brings to you a complete course in SQL to make a one stop shop for all your database side learning.

This course has been brought by an highly experienced faculty who have had 20+ years of experience in working as Oracle developer and DBA out of which 6 years onside in USA and UK. The faculty has been working in Oracle field ranging from Oracle version 6 to the latest 19C. The SQL course launched by this same faculty on UDEMY went HOT in just few days to reach to one of the top selling coursed on this prestigious learning platform.
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