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Machine Learning using ML.NET

Machine Learning using ML.NET
Link : new udemy course Machine Learning using ML.NET
ML.NET is a cross-platform open-source machine learning framework that makes machine learning accessible to . NET developers. In this GitHub repo, we provide samples which will help you get started with ML.NET and how to infuse ML into existing and new . NET apps.NEW
by SkillBakery Studio

What you'll learn

  • Learn machine learning techniques using ML .Net
  • Understanding How to use Model Builder in ML .Net

This course gives you an inside view on how to use machine learning concepts for various use cases like

1. Sentiment Analysis
2. Movie Prediction
3. Issue Analysis
4. Price Predictions for Taxi Fares

It makes use of easy to use Model Builder framework provided by ML.NET which has predefined algorithms built to work on the above scenarios.

Apart from this it also allows us to build our custom models as well.
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