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MATLAB/SIMULINK Masterclass - From a Beginner to an Expert

MATLAB/SIMULINK Masterclass - From a Beginner to an Expert
MATLAB/SIMULINK Masterclass - From a Beginner to an Expert
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MATLAB/SIMULINK is a leading software in Modelling & Simulation that is widely used by Engineers, Programmers, Researchers, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs. In this course you will start learning MATLAB/SIMULINK : By understanding the different types of Modelling & Tod Vachev, Rezk A.

What you'll learn

  • Master the MATLAB/SIMULINK Basics
  • Learn How to do the Mathematical Modelling of Different Types of Systems
  • Learn Advanced Techniques in MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Understand What is a Control System and How to Model & Simulate it by using MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Learn How to Design PID Controller
  • Understand How MATLAB/SIMULINK is Implemented in Real Life Applications Like (Vehicle Suspension, Tank Level Control & DC Motor).
  • Learn How to Implement PID Controller in your systems.
  • Start Using State Flow to Design & Simulate Finite State Machines

Learn by doing the leading software MATLAB/SIMULINK in Modelling & Simulation through step by step exercises from real life applications.

Master the basics and move to an advanced level in MATLAB/SIMULINK.
Why would you take this course?

  • Learn the different Modelling & Simulation Techniques in MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Advance your career as a Model-Based Design Engineer.
  • Enhance your problem solving skills in Modelling & Simulation.
  • Learn How to Build Control Systems.
  • Learn How to Design PID Controller.
  • Learn how to design and simulate Finite State Machines using stateflow.
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