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Mobile, Web & API Security Crash Course |OAuth, OpenID, SAML

 Mobile, Web & API Security Crash Course |OAuth, OpenID, SAML
Link :  Mobile, Web & API Security Crash Course |OAuth, OpenID, SAML hotnews udemy course
Who this course is for: Anyone that wants to understand OAuth2, OpenID and SAML without the coding aspect. Project stakeholders (managers, product owners, testers) that want to understand mobile, web and API authentication. ... Anyone in FinTech that needs to understand the technical aspects.
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by Dexter Awoyemi

What you'll learn
  • An overview of OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SAML
  • A summary view API, web and app security
  • The foundations of Financial-grade APIs and Open Banking
  • Understand what an application is (software, usually with a database of some kind)
  • Understand what an API is (the interface that applications use to communicate)

Note (25/02/2020): to emphasise, this course is has no coding in order to be accessible to non-developers but still teaches all the core concepts. Check out the previews. The technical in-depth course for developers is currently under review but is already available at if you want access. Thanks.

Nearly all applications require authentication.

Understanding identity, web security, API security and OAuth2 are widely used, transferrable skills.

There are billions of connections between users and devices. Learn how Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Google use OAuth2 to secure these connections worldwide.

Understand 'Continue with Google' and 'Login with Facebook'. The same standards form the foundation of Open Banking APIs.

Learn what authorization service providers are offering.
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