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Real World Web Service Performance

Real World Web Service Performance
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by Darren DeLoach

What you'll learn

  • Learn my Golden Rules of Performance and how to apply them to your own real world scenarios.
  • Discover practical approaches to determining where performance robbers are hiding in your code and architecture.
  • Understand the trade-offs involved with any performance enhancement project.

Turbocharge your production web services!

Are your web services suffering from performance issues?   Every web programmer has experienced cases where web services or applications that ran perfectly in test and QA under light load failed (often spectacularly) when put under the load of a production deployment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a bag of tricks that you could use to perfect your web service performance characteristics under load before you deployed to production, way back in the design and development phases where the cost was lowest?  Maybe you inherited a legacy system that’s suffering from performance problems.  But where do you start?   Wouldn’t you like to be able to identify the problem areas quickly and be ready with some time-tested approaches to fix them?

That’s what this course is about: Practical, real world techniques that are easy to understand and use, that let you get maximum performance from your web services.

The Golden Rules of Performance

In this course you will learn my mental framework for creating solutions to performance-robbing problems that you can use in the design, development and production support phases of your services.  The framework is built on a foundation that I call my Golden Rules of Performance, an easy to remember and easy to apply approach that will help you find and fix trouble areas in your code and architecture.

The course also includes a Golden Rules Cheat Sheet for you to use after the course giving you questions to ask, typical problem areas, and techniques to apply for a variety of scenarios.
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