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SAP SD - Essential Reports -Execution/Analysis-Tips&Technics

Link :  SAP SD - Essential Reports -Execution/Analysis-Tips&Technics
 SAP SD - Essential Reports -Execution/Analysis-Tips&Technics
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Many times we get a request from client to give list of all standard SAP Reports (Though the fact is they will never access all these reports
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by SanthaRam Sivalenka

What you'll learn
  • SAP SD Sales and Distribution Reports course enriches the learners with the Reports based on Business case and the analysis for the future planning
  • Explore and learn most important SAP SD standard reports/LIS and Query reports to get most out of Day to day reporting/Strategic analytics
  • Back order and Availability overview Reports/Stock in Transit/Credit Reports/Customer Open Lines-Outstanding Payments/Querying/LIS reports and Many more....
  • Tips and Technics like User layouts/Variants/Spool /print Functionality etc

The course is all about SAP SD standard report transactions , LIS reports, Query Building ,exploring SAP1& SAP2 Report menus and choose  a right report for your Business Case

Sales, Shipping,Invoicing,Cross functional ( MM-FI) and other useful reports have been executed in a lucid manner for the greater benefit of learners to understand the report functionality

Also  this course contains the other Tips and Technics like  Creating Layouts/Variants ,printing and downloading reports and spool management
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