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Starting with Gulp

  Starting with Gulp
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Result. Check for node, npm, and npx. Install the gulp command line utility. Create a project directory and navigate into it. Create a package.json file in your project directory. Install the gulp package in your devDependencies. Verify your gulp versions. Create a gulpfile. Test it.
by Stone River eLearning

What you'll learn
  • Learn to have Gulp do all of your monotonous work JavaScript tasks
  • Use Gulp as a JavaScript Build System
  • Learn to manage your JavaScript project with Gulp
  • Understand Gulp's task-based nature
  • Use Gulp plug-ins to create tasks
  • Use Gulp to minify you JavaScript
  • Create runnable "builds" with a single command
  • Implement Gulp's "watch" feature to automatically build your JS project
  • Use Gulp to pre-process and minfify your SASS files
  • Automatically concatenate all of your JavaScript into a single downloadable file
  • Have Gulp re-write your HTML files to reference concatenated, minified JS and CSS
  • Learn to install, configure, and program Gulp to work for you! ... and much, much more!

Sometimes there's nothing more fun than sinking your teeth into a complex, challenging JavaScript build. Until you get so inundated with tiny, repetitive tasks that take up the majority of your coding time, that is. Enter Gulp; the toolkit that automates all the boring stuff, so you can build the cool stuff. It's going to make your builds so much better, and we're going to teach you how to use it...

 Cut Out the Boring Bits!
  • Install, program, and configure Gulp to work for you
  • Manage JavaScript projects with Gulp
  • Leverage Gulp as a JavaScript build system
  • Create runnable 'builds' with a single command
  • Use Gulp to minify SASS files and JavaScript
  • Rewrite HTML files to reference concatenated, minified JavaScript and CSS
  • Concatenate all your JavaScript into a single, downloadable file
  • Automatically build a JavaScript project with the 'watch' feature
  • Let Gulp do all of your mundane JavaScript tasks!
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