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The Ultimate Docker Containers Developer Course

 The Ultimate Docker Containers Developer Course
Link : The Ultimate Docker Containers Developer Course
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A video based tutorial that's jam packed with examples so you can learn everything you need to know about using Docker and Docker Compose.
by Docker Containers

What you'll learn
  • Learn about Docker networks, Docker swarm, and Docker volumes
  • Explore the Dockerfile and learn how to build your own enterprise-grade Docker images
  • Become fluent in the basic components and concepts of Docker
  • Secure your containers and files with Docker's security features
  • Leverage Linux containers and create highly scalable applications
  • Learn how to use these features with Docker stacks in order to define, deploy, and maintain highly-scalable, fault-tolerant multi-container applications.

Welcome to this course: The Ultimate Docker Containers Developer Course. Docker is an open source software platform that helps you with creating, deploying, and running your applications using containers. This course is your ideal introduction to Docker and containerization. This course not only demonstrates how to use Docker more effectively, but also helps you rethink and reimagine what's possible with it. You will learn how to set up a Docker development environment, and learn your way around all the commands to run and manage your Docker images and containers.

You'll find everything related to extending and integrating Docker in new and innovative ways. Docker Swarm and Docker Compose will help you take control of your containers in an efficient way. At the end of the course, you will have a broad and detailed sense of exactly what's possible with Docker and how seamlessly it fits in with a range of other platforms and tools.
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