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All About Python! Learn to Code and Make Multiple Apps!

 All About Python! Learn to Code and Make Multiple Apps!
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 All About Python! Learn to Code and Make Multiple Apps!
If you've ever had the desire to learn to code, but not sure where to start or ... CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other- this app offers courses taught  by Mammoth Interactive, John Bura
courses recently released can actually teach you how to build ... This app is best if you are looking to learn multiple coding languages. ... All Rights Reserved.

What you'll learn
  • Build a facial recognition project
  • Create a simple digit recognition project using the MNIST handwritten digit database
  • Handwritten digit recognition with advanced MNIST
  • Build a simple image recognition project using the CIFAR-10 library
  • Image recognition with CIFAR-100
  • Master the basics: become an expert in Python and Java while learning core machine learning concepts
  • Image analysis with Keras: give your apps the power to recognize and classify images using the Keras framework.
  • Build apps like the pros: explore pre built models and get a sneak peek at TensorFlow Lite.
  • Optimize for intelligent apps: discover the TensorFlow mobile framework and build scientific analysis apps
  • Code in the Python 3.5 programming language.
  • Build games with Python.
  • Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5.
  • Read finance data directly from Yahoo.
  • Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend.
  • Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots.
  • Make candlestick plots.
  • Understand figures and subplots.
  • Perform in-depth customization of plot structure.
  • Understand basic 3D plotting.
  • Create NumPy arrays.
  • Resize and manipulate arrays.
  • Perform calculations, functions and statistics with NumPy.
  • And More!

We at Mammoth Interactive value input from students like you. Feel free to leave us your feedback.

Learn how to use NumPy 1.12.0, the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python! This course is suitable for coding beginners because we begin with a complete introduction to coding in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram.
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