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Building Command Line Tools with Python,JavaScript and Julia

Building Command Line Tools with Python,JavaScript and Julia
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Link : Building Command Line Tools with Python,JavaScript and Julia
HTML · CSS · JavaScript · PHP · JQuery ... This article discusses how you can create a CLI for your python programs using an example in which we make a basic “text file manager”. ... Having even just a very basic command-line interface (CLI) for your program can make ... Now, let us start making our “Text file manager”.NEW
by Jesse E. Agbe

What you'll learn

  • Building Command Line (CLI) Tools and Apps
  • Mastering the fundamentals of CLICK and ArgParse in Python
  • How to build your own CLI in JavaScripts and Nodejs
  • Best Practices on building Command Line Interfaces
  • What is Julia and How to Build CLI tools in Julia Language
  • Build 5+ CLI Projects from scratch

Command Line Apps are everywhere nowadays from git to npm, to AWS cli to terraform,to gcloud ,heroku CLI,linux tools and more. They make our life easier and help us do repeatable task with ease and efficiency.

What if you could build you own from scratch as well as from other libraries?

What if you can master this skill-set and add it to your arsenal?

In this wonderful course we will be exploring the various ways we can build our own CLI tools and apps using several libraries and tools.

We will learn how to build command line interface tools using Python,JavaScript and Julia. Hence there is a section for everyone, whether you work with Python,Julia or JavaScript (Nodejs).

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