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best udemy course CREATE YOUR CDN (2020) | NED
Fast, global content delivery network. Speed up your site today with Cloudflare! Get enterprise class speed and protection for your site with Cloudflare. Learn more. 200+ Datacenters. Next-Generation CDN. Flat-rate Pricing. Improve Mobile Guillaume Duhan
What you'll learn

  • Create a CDN
  • Use NPM to init a CDN project
  • Import Bootstrap
  • Setup Firebase
  • Use Firebase as a storage for our CDN
  • Use Firebase as a storage for our images

"A CDN works by fetching static assets from your site’s server and caching them on their servers. When a browser makes a request to visit your site, the static contents are served via the CDN rather than by your site. This is faster because the CDN servers are globally distributed and serve as proxies that determine which server is located physically closest to your visitor, thus delivering content on a speedier, more convenient network. Hence the full name: Content Delivery Network. [...] If you’ve been working around web development for a while, you’ll know that the web has a need for speed. The truth is simple: speed matters and faster is considered better."

Adding and Leveraging a CDN on Your Website, CSS-Tricks

In this course, I am going to teach you how to create an entire CSS project and to deploy it as a CDN.
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