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CSS Grid - Build Modern Real World websites fast (+projects)

 CSS Grid - Build Modern Real World websites fast (+projects)
CSS Grid - Build Modern Real World websites fast (+projects) | NED
Welcome to Bootstrap four create real world projects. The course is project based, because we think that creating projects is the best way to learn Bootstrap
 What you'll learn
  • CSS Grid concepts with multiple projects for practical experience
  • How to create 4+ layouts that can be fleshed out into modern, fully responsive websites
  • How to design blogs, business websites, portfolio websites, etc with just a few lines of CSS grid code
  • How to create professional 2 dimensional web layouts with just a few lines of code
  • How to create and design websites, from simple 2 column blogs to complicated website layouts with multiple columns and rows
  • How to make your website into a full-blown responsive website, without using any external frameworks like Bootstrap.

Before CSS Grid arrived on the screen, we had to use relative or absolute positioning, floats, clears and 100s of lines of code to achieve a decent website layout.

All of that's changed now.

With CSS Grid, you can layout your website's design in just a few lines of code, and even make it responsive!

In fact, you can create really complicated website designs with just 10 or so lines of code. That's how easy it is!

No more frameworks like Bootstrap to make up for the shortcomings in CSS. Become a professional web designer in just a few hours.

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